ūüíöūüöĎAs of April 20th, Due to the overwhelming demand, the quantity limit will be reduced to 3 per person.

Forget the Toilet Paper. Get a Bidet.

A good bidet sprayer will leave you 100X cleaner and feeling 1000X fresher than if you were just using regular toilet paper.


The American‚ĄĘ Bidet


America's Greatest Bidet

Honestly, we were surprised when we found out most western homes still don't have toilet bidets. That's why we created our own version. 

We're Keeping Up With Demand

Since the Coronavirus breakout this January, our sales have EXPLODED. Many intelligent shoppers are rushing to buy our Bidget instead of rushing to buy toilet paper. What a wise move! And yes, our production and shipping teams are keeping up with the demand and sending everything on time! :)  

Our Customers Love Us

Times like these call for companies to show up and fill their customers needs to the T. We are doing just that and our customers love us for it. We help our customers get their bidet on time, for an affordable price. We have excellent 24/7 support and we can even help you install the bidet!

I can't believe I didn't grow up with this simple bathroom add-on. It was easy to install and has really made it much easier to take care of and clean my kids. Thank you!

Jennie H. Omaha, NB

This was so easy to install and came with everything you need, ready to go. I am really happy to have this in all 3 of our bathrooms now, and so are my kids and my husband :)

Kim W. Dallas, TX

I can't thank you enough for this amazing product and your customer service. This is seriously the biggest life changer I've added to our home since we moved in in 2002, AND it was really very affordable.

Mel B. San Diego, CA